A New White Coat Investor: Virtual Financial Advisors are Changing the Landscape

Where do you go for financial advice? 



A friend from college?

A book from Amazon?

Maybe you start with a Google search?

The world is full of opinions, but you don’t have the time to sort through generic advice to find what you’re looking for. You want advice — specific to your situation — from someone you trust. 

While technology has made financial advice more available than ever, the sheer amount of information can be complicated and overwhelming. 

All of these resources listed above are great places to start and will give you a baseline understanding of financial principles, but they won’t give you the customized, to-the-point recommendations of a financial advisor. 

An advisor will help you cut through the noise of technology, news and advice from strangers down the street.

However, there are limitations when working with traditional, in-person advisors:

  • By working with the “family” advisor your parents selected years ago, they may not be equipped to help you make the most of your unique situation as a healthcare professional.
  • Many traditional advisors require lofty capital in order for it to be “worth their time” to meet with you or manage your investment accounts.
  • The fees to work with an in-person advisor are generally higher than with an online service.
  • It takes time to meet in-person, and you have a busy schedule this can make it difficult to get your questions answered on your preferred timeline. 

With these limitations in mind, an investor like yourself may turn to tools available for DIY-investing — like picking your own investments through a discount broker or using a robo-advisor platform. 

Neither one of these are bad options, and you can be successful doing either one, but most people are left wondering if they are making the best decisions. Investing is only one part of your financial picture, but there are many other aspects that come into play.

How do you know if you are doing everything you can to set yourself up for long-term success?

A New Solution – Virtual Financial Advisors

Virtual financial advisors blend the personal touch of an in-person advisor with the efficiency and lower cost of an online solution. Online wealth management solutions offer simple, yet diverse investment strategies based on your specific situation. However, what sets them apart is the ability to contact a real financial advisor with any questions you may have. 


You have spent countless hours studying and perfecting your craft so that you are able to offer sound medical advice to your patients. Why would you settle for financial advice from someone who hasn’t done the same? 

Everyone’s financial situation is different, and you want advice from someone who can relate to you. That’s why InvestRx specializes in helping only medical professionals. 

With a virtual financial advisor, you can stop spending hours searching for financial advice and set up a call with a real person who works with medical professionals like you every day. In addition to answering your financial questions, an advisor will go the extra step and make recommendations to prepare you for things that you may not otherwise be aware of. 

You may have blind spots that you haven’t considered, and doing your own research normally won’t clear them up. This is why meeting with a financial advisor — virtual or otherwise — can be a wise decision. 


As a busy medical professional, convenience is a top priority. Your time is best spent helping your patients and caring for your family, rather than deciding which mutual fund you should add to your portfolio. 

With an online wealth management service like InvestRx, we help you choose investments based on your situation and make it easy for you to view or update your portfolio at any time. 

With the following features, a good online wealth management platform will put you in control of your money, without the demand on your time and mental energy: 

  • Log in at any time and monitor your investments
  • Aggregate your outside accounts to view everything in one place
  • Set goals for your money and track your progress over time
  • Set up automatic deposits and withdrawals
  • Schedule a call with a financial advisor any time to discuss your options

No Minimum to Start Investing

If you’re a recent medical school graduate trying to pay off student loans while working through residency, saving may seem like a stretch. However, creating a consistent saving habit — even if it’s a small amount every month — is vital to a firm financial foundation.

Using an online service like InvestRx offers a perfect opportunity to start saving and investing with no obligation to hit a minimum investment amount.  

InvestRx – An Online Wealth Management Platform Built for Medical Professionals 

Designed specifically for the busy lives and unique needs of medical professionals, InvestRx integrates an online investment platform with white-glove service with the goal of growing clients’ wealth simply and effectively.

To get personal financial advice and the efficiency of an online platform, InvestRx services can help align your financial future with your goals.

InvestRx Offers

  • The Financial Roadmap: Addressing your greatest financial concerns and providing custom plan to clarify your next steps 
  • Investment Management: Invest through an advisor-built portfolio based on your values and risk tolerance
  • InvestRx Save: Earn high-yield interest on your cash savings
  • Client Dashboard: Monitor your investments, set goals and fund your accounts easily from your phone, tablet or computer
  • Access to Real Advisors: Everyone who opens an InvestRx account gets a complimentary Diagnostic call with a financial advisor

Get a custom financial plan with InvestRx