Top Three Millennial Money Questions

Should you buy a house when you still have student debt?

Should you pay down debt or save for retirement?

With loans and retirement savings, how are you supposed to afford anything else?

What We’ll Cover:


7 steps to work through any financial question


Rules of thumb to help you simplify your financial decisions


Examples for using these steps to work through real-life situations

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Austin Costello, CFP®

Director of Client Experience; Financial Advisor

Austin is the Director of Client Experience, and a financial advisor for InvestRx®.  He’s been in the finance industry for three years, after a career change from Civil Engineering.

Austin is dedicated to becoming an expert in the field, and has earned his CFP® certification as part of that pursuit. He has a passion for education and a talent for breaking down difficult financial concepts.

Austin specializes in working with young people who want to take control of their finances.

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