InvestRx® Financial Roadmap

A simple financial plan to clarify your goals and provide tangible steps to help you reach them.

What financial decision is weighing on you?

If you’re like most people, you have a web of financial decisions to make and struggle to prioritize them. You get overwhelmed and end up pushing these decisions back so you don’t have to deal with them.

Whether it’s paying down student loans, planning for a major life event or building a safety fund, creating a plan to conquer these goals is a daunting task.

How will you know what’s possible with your current savings rate? Will it get you the life you’re hoping for?

The Financial Roadmap Delivers

Gain Clarity on Your Financial Goals
Talk to one of our advisors about your web of financial decisions, and we’ll help you narrow down the 3 areas where you should focus right now. 

Receive A Plan with Clear Next Steps
Your advisor will create a simple financial plan based on your goals — outlining tangible steps to help you get there.

Assess Your Security as a Healthcare Professional
In addition to your life and savings goals, our advisors review common obstacles for healthcare professionals and help you prepare to withstand them.

Get All of These Benefits For Only $249

What You Get


Diagnostic call with a dedicated financial advisor


An easy to understand financial plan tailored to your goals


Video recording explaining your plan

Answers to Your Biggest Questions

Student loans

Emergency fund and savings

Large purchases, like a house, car or dream vacation

Life events, like having kids, getting married or moving


Insurance needs

Get Started

Step 1:

Complete your financial questionnaire

Before you book your Diagnostic call, we want to learn more about you and your financial situation. This will give us the tools to give you the custom advice that you deserve.

In this questionnaire, we’ll ask you about:


Your financial goals


The values and types of your accounts


Your loan amounts and interest rates


Your income and spending habits

It may take some time to complete this form, but please be as detailed as possible. The more information we have, the more accurate your plan will be.

And don’t worry. We know your financial information is private and promise to keep it that way.

girl typing on computer

Step 2:

Book your Diagnostic call

Once you’ve submitted your financial questionnaire, you’ll be prompted to book your Diagnostic call with one of our InvestRx® Advisors and pay for the service ($249).

This call will last 45-50 minutes and you’ll have the chance to talk with the advisor about your financial goals and challenges. Your advisor will also ask any questions that they have so that they can give you an accurate and helpful financial plan.

If you lost the link to book your Diagnostic Call, you can book your call here


Step 3:


Within 1 week of your Roadmap call, you’ll receive your completed Financial Roadmap, along with a video from your advisor walking you through their recommendations.

To see a full sample Financial Roadmap click here